About the Show

Beijing International Mineral, Gem and Fossil Show (the 6th in 2017) is a highlighted part of the 17th China International Jewelry Fair (CIJF), held in China International Exhibition Center Beijing from Nov. 9 to 13, 2017.

Beijing is a megacity with 30 million populations and the politic and economic center of China. There are nearly 150 museums, 60 universities and thousands of high schools and as well as hundred thousand people related to geological, mining and natural sciences and industries. The numbers of wealthy people are also the biggest in China according to the official statistics. Moreover, November and December is a season to buy New-Year’s gifts using doubled salaries and annual bonuses. All these indicate a great potential for gemstones, minerals and fossil business in Beijing.

Duo to the rapid increasing demand for minerals and fossils in Beijing, even whole China, the Beijing Mineral and Fossil Show has become a most significant market place and a great event for both domestic and international dealers and buyers. In the past years, the show achieved to great success and extended its scale year by year.

China International Jewelry Fair is the largest and most successful international Gem and Jewelry fair in China. In 2015, the fair gathered over 3,000 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors and buyers from all over the world (click here for more information about shows in the past).

China International Jewelry Fair 2017 will have a total show-hall area of 53,000 sqm with 27,000 show booths and over 3,000 dealers from 50 countries and regions. Buyers/visitors are expected over 120,000 people/times in 2017. The Mineral and Fossil Show 2017 will be situated within the hottest sections on the ground floor and first floor of the Hall #5 and has about 140 show booths occupied by selected international and domestic dealers, as well as museums.

In order to bring more buyers to the show, a series of activities and events will be organized in 2017:
      a) Museum Summit Forums hosted by National Museum Association;
      b) Collector’s Forums hosted by China Viewing Stone Association;
      c) Museum Educational Displays by China Geological Museum and other major museums.
      d) Competitive Showcases by international known collectors;
      e) Professional identifying and purchase guide on site.

To promote the fair, a budget of multiple millions of RMB has been approved for adverting on TV, newspapers, internet and roadside banners and other media by the organizers and their governmental authorities. The Mineral and Fossil Show is made as a hottest theme of the top topics of the advertisements of the Fair. Governmental arrangements for museums, geo-parks, schools and related institutes are planned specially for our Mineral and Fossil Show.

ADRESS: China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)

DATE: Nov.9-13, 2017

Show Promoter: AAA Minerals International

E-mail: show@aaamineral.com

DOWNLOAD: http://www.aaamineral.com/show/2017beijing/agreement_en.pdf

Show Location:

Beijing Mineral and Fossil Show will be situated in the Building # 5 of the old China Exhibition Center in the CDB area of Beijing City, where easier to be accessed by car, bus and subways and closer to the International Airport and Major Railway Stations.

Exhibitor List

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